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PANDIGITAL SUX! Okay, here is the story. Yesterday on the radio show I described the Pandigital tablet I purchased for my wife and how the battery seemed to be failing. I also mentioned the totally dismissive a**hole attitude at Office Depot where I bought the unit. Today, while my wife was using the Pandigital tablet, failing battery and all, the unit froze. I performed the button press sequence to get to the reboot menu (several times, as the unit does not always respond to the recommended sequence of power-off, three buttons, three buttons again, wait for the symbol, and three buttons again) I hit reboot only to get the display above, which indicates the main memory of this unit has failed. Now, I am assured by Office Depot that if I spend a while pouring through my file cabinet to find my purchase receipt (Office Depot does not keep that information even though to supposedly goes on my buyer card) that I can send the unit to the manufacturer (1 week) and they will send me a replacement (another week plus however long they take to process the replacement), which means that not only has my wife lost the use of HER tablet for two + weeks, she has also lost all the data she had on it. As I recall it took most of a day to set it up with the wifi and her email accounts. That time too is lost and at my age, time is precious!

But here is the deal. I do not WANT a replacement. The expectation is that it too will fail after just a few months and I not need that aggravation. I understand ASUS has a new tablet coming out and all the ASUS equipment I have has held up pretty good, the sole exception being a prior netbook ruined by a virus. So as soon as they arrive, Claire gets an ASUS tablet, and I will purchase another Pandigital product ever again.

So here is the official WRH product recommendation to our readers. If you are thinking of buying a tablet, do NOT by Pandigital. Ever. Not once. Anger and misery will be your fate if you buy this cheap piece of money-junkie crap!

This country can't even make a coffee press! So here is the story. 2 months ago I buy my wife a Black & Decker FP1600B food processor. About a month ago the metal slicing/grating blade works loose on its plastic (????) hub. I repair that. (Plastic? On the point of maximum stress??? What is B&D thinking?)

So tonight we go to use the unit again and there is a loud sound and we discover the spindle running from the motor up to the plastic hub holding the metal slicer/grater has broken in two pieces. Repairs are impossible because it is also cracked lengthwise. In two places!

The spindle is also plastic. Not even solid plastic, it is hollow in the center, I presume to save .00007 of one cent, said revenue to go to the Black & Decker executives' booze and hooker party fund. And again, we are talking about the part of the appliance subject to the greatest stresses during operation.

It looks like Black & Decker, like Hewlett Packard, traded in the people who actually knew engineering in favor of some money-junkies who don't know anything about physics!

So, since the unit is under warranty, I go to Black and Decker's website and not only can I not find the FP1600B under parts and service, when I try to go to customer service to give them advance warning that they are their crappy products are about to become a headline story on the WRH radio show, I get the above 404 error, which I interpret as Black & Decker's way of telling me to fuck off and buy someone else's product, which I plan to do tomorrow.

Moral of the story; no matter how good Black & Decker used to be (and they were) they have gone down the path to the dark side of money-junkiedom, and their products are poorly designed and not supported. Dump your Black & Decker stick; they will not be around much longer with products and service like that!

For Valentine's day, my wife purchased the above coffee press, made by Primula, from Macy's. This was intended to replace the automatic electronic coffee maker which had developed holes in the filter basket (and for which no spares were sold).

The above photo is what the coffee press looked like just two weeks after I started to use it, with the color film peeling off. We took it back to Macy's and they insisted they could not replace it because there were no more in stock. I wasn't all that upset about it because I could care less what color the thing is as long as it makes a good cup of coffee. We just wanted Macy's to know they were carrying a clearly defective product line.

But two weeks later, the thin metal in the plunger had begun to deform under normal usage, coffee grounds started to get into the coffee, the logo button on the handle popped out ... you get the idea. I went back to Macy's to complain again only to see the coffee press being sold on the clearance shelf for a tiny fraction of what we had paid.

Last time I go into a Macy's!

Oh yes, my wife had also bought a tea kettle, also made by Primula, and the insulated cover on the lever to open the spout kept falling off. When we tried to show that to the Macy's manager, we discovered that all the floor samples had lost that same part.

"My Stuff Sux" Brother Printer

I’m Brian from Puyallup’s wife and he mentioned a new site you were starting called “My Stuff Sux”. I was just talking with him about my printers. I have a Canon Pixma 970 which eats through ink and a Brother HL2170W. Both printers have sensors that prevent printing when the ink is low.

The promised number of pages for the Brother ‘starter’ toner cartridge is around 1000. Since I print a few hundred pages at a time, the first time my printer ran out of ink, I KNEW I hadn’t reached the advertised limit. Brother puts a sensor that prevents the complete use of a cartridge. After some online research, I put a white label over the hole to block the sensor and printed at least 400 more pages.

Attached is a photo of the cartridge inside the carrier. The big white rectangular spot on the bottom between the spindles is where I block the signal. I cut an address label up and stuck it over the hole. It is on the carrier, not the cartridge. Now I just swap out the cartridge when I run out of ink on the page.

Now that I’ve fixed it, the Brother actually does what I need it to do and for an extended period, but it still sucks that the company would prevent printing while the cartridge was still full.

The above photo is the inspiration for this website (along with an Xterra that literally destroyed its engine the week we made the final payment and just after the extended warranty expired) and is NOT photoshopped. The Nissan logo is in fact installed upside down on this Nissan Altima we had to rent while the Xterra was declared not worth the cost of repairing ($3700 to fix; I paid $100 for my first car.)

The vast majority of so-called "product review" websites seem to be covert industry promotional tools and most "reviews" seems to be little more than sales pitches "astroturfing" as grass roots opinions. I decided there was a need for websites where the owners of badly designed and poorly manufactured products can post critical honest and critical.

This website is not for car fans nor is it a place for people (salesmen) to brag about how great the product they bought (or are selling) is. This is a website for people burned by badly built products to warn other people not to buy.

Feel free to email me with suggestions for other featured and information.



"Our investigation reveals that Nissan typically denies warranty coverage for repairs caused by these defects even if the vehicle’s powertrain is still under warranty."

READER: I have been reading about your problems with Nissan and felt compelled to let them know how their behavior is affecting their bottom dollar.  This is my letter to them.

Just to let you know...I was considering purchasing a new/used Titan. After reading numerous articles concerning Nissan and their lack of warranty coverage, Titan is no longer on my list of trucks to consider.

 Example: http://www.transmission-lawsuit.com/  


http://www.aboutautomobile.com/Complaint/2005/Nissan/Xterra/ Automatic+Transmission  

There are more. I'm also concerned about Japan's radiation levels and where replacement parts are manufactured. I have never purchased a imported vehicle and seems now I never will. What you are putting your customers through is absurd. Any company that appreciates their customers should back their products. It's obvious you don't value them nor stand behind your products. This is odd because you used to have a good reputation.  

All In all, thank you for showing me that Nissan is not a vehicle my family should consider.  I believe you saved us from numerous headaches!